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aty polypropylene yarn

aty polypropylene yarn

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product features

aty polypropylene yarn


produced by the company's polypropylene aty can be divided into two products:

1. polypropylene fine denim aty yarn specifications: 100d-150d, mainly used for clothing, and wool intertwined with.

2. polypropylene aty yarn specifications: 300d-3000d, for outdoor supplies and decorative cloth. polypropylene aty yarn specifications: 450d-1500d, for outdoor tents, high-speed type, can be anti-ultraviolet 1200 hours.


polypropylene fine denier yarn, polypropylene fine denier fdy yarn, polypropylene fine denier dty yarn, polypropylene fine denier fdy yarn commonly used specifications : 30d / 48f, 40d / 48f, 50d / 72f, 50d / 48f, 60d / 68f, 70d / 68f, 75d / 72f, 100d / 96f, 150d / 144f and so on.


outdoor tent shade with polypropylene aty yarn specifications: 30d / 12f-300d / 256f the poy-dty, fdy, ultra-fine denier polypropylene filament.


i produced the outdoor tents shade with polypropylene aty yarn specifically the following advantages:

1, the lightest yarn: the smallest density, weight 40% lighter than cotton, 30% lighter than polyester, soft lubrication;

2, more warm than wool yarn: thermal conductivity is the existing natural yarn and synthetic yarn in the lowest, low heat loss rate

3, good color fastness: the original liquid dyeing, color fastness is the other yarn after dyeing and dyeing can not match;


outdoor tent shade with polypropylene aty yarn product features:

1, hydrophobic sweat, smooth and easy to dry

3, low heat conduction, warm and comfortable

2, gentle texture, affinity and skin

4, the original liquid dyeing, good color fastness

5, wear-resistant washing, acid and alkali

6, anti-bacterial deodorant, health and health

7, environmental pollution-free.


outdoor tent shade with polypropylene aty yarn with environmental protection, light weight, chemical resistance, low thermal conductivity, antibacterial deodorant, bright color, etc., polypropylene fine denier is mainly used for sportswear, seamless underwear, sports socks and so on. according to customer needs processing a variety of functional polypropylene ultrafine yarn.