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dty polypropylene yarn

dty polypropylene yarn

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product features

dty polypropylene yarn

shaboshi dty fine denier polypropylene product specifications:

dty fine denier polypropylene 30d series: 30d / 24f, 30d / 36f, 30d / 48f;

dty fine denier polypropylene 50d series: 50d / 36f, 50d / 48f, 50d / 72f;

dty fine denier polypropylene 75d series: 75d / 48f, 75d / 72f, 75d / 96f;

dty fine denier polypropylene 100d series: 100d / 48f, 100d / 72f, 100d / 96f;

dty fine denier polypropylene 150d series: 150d / 72f, 150d / 96f, 150d / 136f, 150d / 144f


product features: fine denier and ultra-fine denier polypropylene in addition to the proportion of light with polypropylene, corrosion resistance, good warmth, high strength, wear resistance, chemical resistance and other properties, but also has a unique performance: green, , good resilience, excellent one-way moisture conductivity.


dty fine denier polypropylene fabric advantages: light breathable, moisture wet perspiration, warm temperature, antibacterial deodorant


application of fabric: dty fine denier polypropylene yarn is currently mainly used for high-end sports brand t-shirt layer, nylon, polyester, cotton and other functional yarn intertwined into functional fabrics, processed into functional sportswear. which 50d production of hollow polypropylene more, 30d inner, 50d outer layer of seamless underwear. 50d / 72f ultrafine yarn use very little.


fine denier polypropylene yarn its own excellent characteristics and the existence of shortcomings, making it more suitable for knitting, woven industry, when it and cotton, viscose silk, silk, spandex, etc. woven into cotton cover , silk cover and other products, is the production of high-end sportswear, t-shirts and ultra-warm clothing underwear ideal material


polypropylene fabric on the fabric manufacturers of the benefits: dty fine denier polypropylene yarn fabric process can save a lot of cost to the fabric manufacturers, the reason is that fine denier polypropylene fabric does not require the subsequent dyeing process, which also led to the current part of the dyeing factory collapse.


dty fine denier polypropylene fabric to the consumer benefits: dty fine denier polypropylene fabric skin-friendly good, light breathable, moisture wet perspiration, sports sweating, the body is not a wet feeling, and therefore will not breed bacteria, bring discomfort. dty fine denier made of polypropylene thermal underwear warm and warm.