the safety and environmental protection of the colored polyester monofilament are outstanding -电子游戏巴士

2017-06-20 09:31:12 780

as we all know, clothes are the necessities of our life now. everyone is wearing all kinds of clothes. do you know what the material of clothes is? on the market there are various materials of clothing, of which colored polyester monofilament is more popular clothing raw materials, it is cost-effective, very suitable for garment enterprises, but also many people welcome the enterprise.

polyester silk has long existed in the textile field. it has been used in other industries, such as clothing and so on. however, environmental protection and safety are a big problem facing polyester fiber at present. modern people pay more attention to health and environmental protection. they are not only concerned about the surrounding air environment, but also very concerned about the clothes they wear.

there are a lot of clothing materials, but not from the security point of view is harmless to people, some of the material itself contains a lot of harmful substances, such as formaldehyde, long time wear this kind of clothes is very easy to skin allergies, inflammation and other diseases. therefore, the safety and environmental protection of clothing materials have been mentioned on the agenda of enterprises.

the state requires the use of environmentally friendly materials for clothing, and the traditional use of polyester fiber is often harmful, and it is bad for people's health. therefore, the industry has begun to widely use new types of colored polyester monofilament, this polyester fiber is more environmentally friendly, greener, does not contain methanol and formaldehyde, no pollution, no harm to the human body.

the colored polyester monofilament has been applied to the promotion and popularization, making all kinds of clothes, not only the safety and environmental protection is outstanding, and the color fastness, fully meet the national standard level 4, repeated washing does not fade, can be used for a long time, is a kind of polyester filament current is very good.