application and selection of colored polyester filament -电子游戏巴士

2017-06-20 09:27:51 954

colored polyester filament is a new type of chemical fiber material, it is characterized by strong toughness, difficult to break, and easy to use and storage, in the relevant production, very popular with customers. at present, in the domestic market, in order to converge lung chemical fiber products market recognition is the highest, many domestic textile, textile industry, clothing enterprises and home accessories manufacturers have their long-term cooperation. the product has the advantages of high brightness, no fading, uniform color and good color fastness. compared with the traditional dyeing process, the product does not contain poisonous or harmful substances, and the product conforms to the latest environmental protection concept at present.

the colored polyester filament can be used in many places, especially in the production of some of the more upscale clothing, more natural is not able to leave this kind of colored polyester filament, and for this material, also should let everyone can have a more comprehensive understanding and the understanding, the only way we can make this material in the use range of the future, has become more and more widely.

at the same time, to choose colored polyester filament, or should pay attention to some problems.

first of all, we should look at the production of colored polyester filament is not environmentally friendly, environmental protection of colored polyester filament will not harm the environment, but also can be more healthy.